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Plans for JVC GY-DV500 Viewfinder Output

Lots of folks have asked questions about how we shot the movie "SECRET MESSAGES". One of the most common questions is the use of the JVC-DV500 Camera. Was there any way to get all the viewfinder information to output on a regular composite monitor. Unfortunately, JVC didn't account for this, and there is no standard way to get all the VF info output to your monitor screen.  So, Seyroche Enterprises made a small modification to the viewfinder, that let us see ALL the viewfinder info on our monitors, although it's not recorded to tape. Without staring into the viewfinder, we could now see our safe area framing, audio levels, time and battery levels, zebra stripes, skin detail... AND, all the set-up menus. This made setting up the camera MUCH easier, as didn't have to stare at the tiny VF while fumbling for the buttons on the camera. In response to the many questions, we are now offering those plans. The plans show how to modify the VF in about 1/2 hour with just a knife and a soldering iron. 




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