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Plans for a Folding Kayak

Have you ever wanted to build a kayak yourself without having to spend a fortune?  This set of plans will walk you through how to build a folding kayak.  A boy scout can build one of these kayaks in about 12-15 hours.  In Troop 37, it was found that boys 11 years old could carry out all construction from step #2 on, with an adult present.  Step #1 which requires use of a circular arbor saw, should be done by an older person.  Groups of 6 to 8 boys working in pairs can build these boats with essentially no help.  For the best results they should carry the project to completion, including painting, working together.  It is usually not necessary to buy paint; any old exterior paint around the home can be used as a rule.

This kayak weighs less than 40 pounds and will carry a full-sized man.  The cost of materials varies between $90 and $130.  This design is for a ten foot model.  The same basic principles have proven successful in 8, 12, and 14 foot models, both one and two man models.  Everything in the boat is held together with contact cement (contact cement is waterproof).




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