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Lava Lamp Plans

These plans include 4 different methods of making your very own lava lamp! These plans range from the very basic to the high tech patented (now expired patent) way of making lava lamps. One of these methods will take you no longer than 15 minutes to make.

These instructions cover every step of the entire process including how to mix the lava, how to make the base of the lamps, and helpful tips to avoid or fix problems.

These plans will also show you the proper combinations on how to make the lamps in all the different bottles including Absolut and pretty much any bottle you can think of.  

These instructions cover everything from start to finish on how to make an awesome, custom made lava lamp from scratch!

Most of these lamps will only require about $20 to make!

You can even RESELL your lamps for HUGE profits!

Fun and easy build!!!

Lava Lamp Plans




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