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Waste Oil Stove Plans / No More Heating Bill

FOR AIRCRAFT SHOPS. You are bidding on building plans of a waste oil stove. Bet you never seen one of these, IT WORKS WELL.  Once you got it built it saves $$$ forever. Good for any shop or anything but a HOUSE.  If you are a welder and a 'Can Do Anything MAN' this will cost you less than $50.00 when completed. Then when you drain your oil from your AIRPLANES, cars or trucks or machinery or just go to your local gas station and get there waste oil your gas bill will ( zero ) for the winter.  It will burn CLEAN hardly no smoke.  I have seen the stoves work.  There has been years of effort to get this stove perfected, built over and over and over to get it perfect.  Just remember this stove WORKS well. 




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